DJcargo global service company based in Shenzhen city headquarter in Guangzhou Guangdong province China. We are specialized in door to door sea shipping, container yard to container yard sea shipping for full container and less than full container. door to door air shipping, air shipping and courier logistics service. our sea shipping covers whole country in china to worldwide docks and airports. we also provide just in-time inventory for import service, it serves consignment sale, franchise sales, and any kinds of logistics need.

   We are based at Shenzhen Guangdong province China, and specialized in international sea shipping, international air shipping, domestic transportation logistics, and storage and goods distribution, Just in-time inventory system. our main business:

   1. Global sea shipping for FCL and LCL from Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Foshan, and Hong Kong to global ports.

   2. Global sea shipping of door to door is most specialized for Asia Pacific countries.

   3. Global air shipping to delivery goods base on Shenzhen and Hong Kong air port to worldwide air-ports. also can delivery to consignees’ door.

   4. Inland haulage trucking is the part of our business, we have 18 Van car, and 5 long haulage vehicle to sever Guangdong province cities. and cities daily delivery.

   5. Just in time inventory service for your logistics needs in store goods to our warehouse is 24 hours service and monitoring video safeguard. 5000 Square meter. 

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